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St. Johns college of health sciences welcomes you

It is the responsibility of each of us to leave this world a better place than we found it and “our problems cannot be solved at the same level of thinking at which they were created”. There is need for creative and Innovative thinking to address the world’s problems by creating ventures that can last for generations.
To make this possible one should have the humility to see the world as it is with all its different challenges, the audacity to imagine how better it should be, and the courage to make a change.
It all starts with vivid imagination influenced by different experiences and shaping during life. This creates a dream which is actually thought in action leading to setting of definite goals thereby creating passion to achieve these goals.
A dream became vivid in my mind in 2008 as a three (3) year old health worker due to the serious challenges in Human Resource Training, Development and Management as the Ministry of Health recognized that in adequacy of trained Health Workers is one of the most critical limiting factors in the delivery of the Minimum Health Care package (according to the HSSIP 2010, there are a total of 59,000 health workers in the country giving a ratio of 1:1,818 people)
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Future plans

Establishment of other sister schools to offer other professional certificates notably
  1. St Johns Allied Health Science School
  2. St Johns Public Health School
  3. St Johns Institute of Professional Development
  4. St Johns Research Institute
  5. St Johns Technical School

Establishment of St Johns Teaching Hospital to support the teaching and guarantee the quality of teaching at the colleges & University.

Establishment of St Johns Ambulance Services covering: -
  1. Bicycle ambulance services
  2. Motor vehicle ambulance
  3. Motorcycle ambulance
Establishment of St Johns Health Foundation

St Johns Health Foundation abbreviated as SJHF is the project arm of St Johns College of Health Sciences. The institution is supported & grown by people, St Johns Health Foundation was developed as a non-governmental, non –for- profit, non- sectarian, non- partisan human centered organization to design & implement a wide range of community based health care services with financial support from the school and other partners

St Johns Health Hub

This is a modern health & fitness centre that shall have modern health check equipment’s, modern fitness & health club, Health education & information hub

St Johns Medicare

This is a health insurance covering health & life. It shall be so well structured in private service, highly affordable and well managed to meet health care needs of the population

Courses to be offered

  • Certificate in Enrolled Nursing
  • Certificate in Enrolled Midwifery
  • Certificate in Medical Records & Health Informatics