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Is St John’s College of Science & Technology only for Young people?

No! St John’s College of Science & Technology is a vocational skills institute providing hands on, applicable & employable skills to all categories of people. Everybody needs a skill no matter your age, level of education & socio-economic status.

Is St John’s College of Science & Technology for the educated?

No! St John’s College of Science & Technology offers both formal & non formal skills development programs. The formal programs require a certain level of education such as PLE, UCE,UACE etc meanwhile the non formal skills programs cater for all including school dropouts up to P.5 because they are competency based.

Why should someone choose St John’s for skilling?

St John’s College of Science & Technology is the destination for skills development because it offers practical skills development, it provides relevant solutions to the current challenges and attaches a non negotiable value to high standards of training. Lastly all training programs at the College are aligned to the labor market and as such, the regular programming is complemented with complementary skills.

What are the courses available at St John’s College?

St John’s College of Science & Technology offers formal, non formal & instant skills courses and for more information on this, please visit the main page of St John’s College of Science & Technology in the website.

What opportunities are available and what does St John’s do after training for its graduates?

St John’s College of Science & Technology provides Post Training follow up & support in form of coaching & mentorship, employment linkages, enterprise development, financial literacy, tracer studies among others. We also provide employment opportunities for our outstanding graduates.

Is St John’s College an NGO?

St John’s College of Science & Technology is a private initiative incorporated as a company limited by shares hence it undertakes initiatives for minimal profit hence it falls in the category of for profit & social enterprise.

What is Student life like at St John’s College?

Our students experience at the College is holistic where they are challenged to realize their full potential in an environment that nurtures holistic development, maximization of potential, discovery of the unknown and innovation of solutions to some of the most critical problems of the world.

Are there boarding facilities at St John’s College?

Yes! St John’s College of Science & Technology offers both day & boarding facilities to cater for all and ensure that no one is left behind. It’s facilities are state of the art, cater for both men & women and are very affordable.

Can women who have breastfeeding children train from St John’s?

We are an inclusive institution. Pregnant, Breastfeeding mothers are eligible to attend training at the College. We provide additional facilities for such special interest groups.

What facilities are available at St John’s to teaching & learning?

The College has start of the art tools & equipment, classroom facilities, workshops, an innovation & production centre, attachment sites for real life & internship experience, a College farm for Agricultural Vocational Education

How can one contact St John’s?

There are various platforms to contact St John’s including Telephone, Email, Website, Social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, whatsapp, Linkedin, Instagram. You can also physically visit any of our offices at the Main Campus Opposite Oil Energy Petrol Station, 600m along Ceford – Muni Road. Also contact us at Leon Memorial building at Kubala Village, Obi Parish, Omugo Sub County, Terego District.

How can one apply to join St John’s?

Anybody interested in joining St John’s can apply online through the College website or fill a physical/hardcopy application form and submit it to any of our offices or liaison centers. You can also scan a completed application form and email it to the official college email address.